Instruments and Accessories

  Hello to all TMI'ers. We're just letting you know that we can now supply certain instruments and consumables (Strings, pics, drumsticks, capo's, drumheads etc etc). We will be stocking usual stuff like drumsticks, guitar strings including :- Acoustic classic Nylons, acoustic bronze and steel, Maple drum sticks, picks, straps and cables for your [...]

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Song For Cebby – FUNDRAISER

This is Cebby Johnson. A local Mornington Peninsula teenager. Cebby had a tragic accident a few weeks ago and is slowly; very slowly making some progress in his road to recovery. We need to raise sufficient funds for Cebbys prolonged and ongoing treatments and procedures and as we are [...]

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TMI Studios – Custom Built Backing Tracks

Custom Backing Tracks. Ever wanted to hear what you sound like on a record? Let us know what song you want to record, we'll build your track and you sing over it. It's that simple! Much more professional than karaoke tracks. Contact Jon to find out about the whole package. Here are a some [...]

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Student Recording Studio Experience

Record the song you have been working on. We have been busy during the holiday season making improvements to your music school. The studio has had yet another upgrade and from now you can enter the facility from the front door. Singing Students:- Did you know that we can record your hard work in [...]

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