TMI VIBE: Introduction to the Music Industry with Paul Gildea

Have you noticed how much work goes into being an artist?

The more you check-off, the more you add?

Yeah, same.

The music industry is not for the faint of heart. And is only kind to those ready to work. Ready to prove they have what it takes. And who act on that.

Artists must learn to wear the different business caps, and create themselves a team. And you should be connecting with the industry.

We’re talking blogs, radio, artist managers, tour managers, festival organisers, booking agents, publicists, venue mangers, A&R, music publishing…

It’s all a little overwhelming, right?

Where do you even start? How much of this can you do yourself?

No matter what stage of your career you’re in, there’s a lot to do.

Time for some good news: There are people out there waiting to connect with you to help build your career.

This October, TMI are teaming-up for the big reveal. A one-stop online seminar to share the inside scoop, and answer your industry questions…

So, without further ado… Your next TMI VIBER is:

Paul Gildea

Paul has been a part of the Australian music scene for many years as a musician, writer, educator and manager.

A 30-year member of Icehouse, he was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame in 2006.

Paul has played lead guitar for world class artists:

– Daryl Braithwaite – James Reyne
– Rick Price
– Vika and Linda

– And many more…

And, toured the US for 2 years playing guitar and singing with the Little River Band.

Paul has been the senior producer and general manager of several Melbourne music and post- production studios before starting his own, Monkeesee in 2005.

He has managed artists such as:
– Motor Ace (Platinum Award winners)
– Stonefield (Triple J Unearthed winners) – Michael Paynter (producer, singer)

With extensive experience in tertiary education music industry teaching over 10 years, Paul is currently the Academic Course Manager of the Music Industry Degree at Box Hill Institute.

By now you’d be on the edge of your seat! So rest your scroll-finger, and chuck this gem in your basket.

DATE: Saturday, 31st October.
TIME: 2 PM – 4 PM
PRICE: $50
TICKETS: Click Here.

The knowledge Paul is about to share with you is from a lifetime of hard work, and personal and professional experience.

An eye-opening seminar that will not only nudge you in the right direction, but will send you leaps and bounds ahead.

Are you ready to be an artist? Then act now.

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