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We’re very proudly presenting to you our brand new songwriting series, ‘Heart-to-Heart’!

After a giant year spent at a distance to everyone, and everything, our heart’s are craving some kind of closeness. A closeness that can luckily be found through collaboration.

Heart-to-Heart is a series of songwriting one-on-one sessions that are going to be running throughout the Summer months, beginning now!

Through the Heart-to-Heart sessions you will be assisted in so many areas of your writing, depending on your goals, and your chosen direction and mentor. If your current focus is bettering your lyrical ability, melodic construction, artist development, or producing and recording your own music from home, we can cater your sessions accordingly. All mentors are industry professionals and are here to fast-track your skills.

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Check out your HTH mentors

Nayomi Pattuwage
Sound Engineer/Producer/Artist/Songwriter

HTH Sessions with Nayomi:

  • Getting You Started with a Basic Recording Setup
  • Understanding Your Recording Software
  • Choosing Microphones for Your Voice and Instruments
  • The Art of Recording Yourself
  • Using Production Tools for Your Songwriting
  • Bringing Your Songs to Life Through Production
  • Possibility for Co-writing & Co-Producing

About Nayomi:
Melbourne song-writer/engineer Nayomi Pattuwage spent over 7 years peaking from around stage curtains and watching over artists with whom she had written and produced new-fashioned music, collecting impressions and purpose for what was soon to become the solo project, Like Bear.

Audio engineer by trade, Pattuwage is an award-winning sound designer in the world of independent Australian films, and an established song-writer/producer, having written and worked with some of Australia’s most talented artists and up and coming songwriters including Essie Holt, Maxon, Jon Will and James Seymour (FEELDS).

A collaborator, Pattuwage has worked very closely with emerging pop queen Maxon since her launch in 2016, co-writing and co-producing 4 songs on her debut EP ‘New World’ (2016), ‘No Impersonator’ (2017), and the explosive single ‘History’ (2018) that was deemed a “powerful track in the vein of Meg Mac but with a bit more juice in the tank” in a premiere by renowned music industry blog Pilerats.

Her music project Like Bear has also seen her co-produce with London-based producer Dan Villalobos, and Melbourne success James Seymour (FEELDS). Earning Triple J Unearthed play with her latest single ‘Usually Does’, Dave Ruby Howe beams “Say hello to today’s favourite song!”.


Artist/Songwriter/Voice Coach

HTH Sessions with Maxon:

  • Co-writing Sessions (Recommended to book a minimum of 2-4 hours at a time)
  • Writing Your Artist Biography
  • Creating Opportunities for Filming Music Videos
  • Working with You on Content Creation
  • A Single Release Plan
  • Creating Merchandise
  • Shows & Tour Planning
  • Songwriting Critique

About Maxon:
Maxon offers Australia a home within a home. A powerful voice with a juicy tone, the message is clear and heartfelt. With a reputation for having a ‘big voice’ and belting out plenty of songs to really rattle your emotional walls, she is also just the right ratio of empath to diva. A pop sensation in the making, Maxon burst onto the scene in 2016 with vocal comparisons to the likes of Adele, Meg Mac, and even one of her biggest inspirations Alanis Morissette.

Having built an unstoppable strength Maxon’s writing is stylistic of a diary entry; clandestine and forthright. Such confessional writing is bound to an arms-open kind of stage presence, and a voice soaked in command. Maxon’s audiences may jump between boogie and blubbering, as the singer shares her battle through the trials and tribulations of love and its conditions.

Throughout the year enveloped by COVID-19 restriction, Maxon has been working remotely with producer/engineer and musician, Jono Steer (Angie McMahon, Gretta Ray, Ben Abraham, Bec Goring). The pair have been working on a new single set to be released early 2021. While we wait you can check out her music on Spotify (LINK) or sign up to her online letters to keep up to date: www.itsmemaxon.com



Cheryl Beattie
Artist/Songwriter/Voice Coach

HTH Sessions with Cheryl:

  • Co-writing Sessions (Recommended to book a minimum of 2-4 hours at a time)
  • Basic Chord Progressions
  • Song Structures
  • Putting a Melody to Chords
  • Self-Expression through Lyric Writing
  • Songwriting Critique

About Cheryl:
Cheryl Beattie has spent her life engrossed in the music world. She spent 10 years working between New York and London, with some of the best in the business. This included the infamous writing duo, Steinberg and Kelly (Whitney, Madonna, Tina Turner, and more). Managed by Gene Harvey, famously known as Whitney Houston’s manager, Cheryl was signed to BMG Records. While in London, she worked alongside Gus Isidore and John Wadlow, both of whom worked directly with the artist Seal. She recorder an album for Sting’s band, and, after being signed to Warner Bros. her song ‘Fly’ reached #1 in the London dance clubs.

 A whirlwind experience held steady in her back pocket, Cheryl moved back to Australia and is now running The Music Industry School of Music. She hosts its TMI VIBE online global series, with workshops and seminars for aspiring artists. “It’s always been a dream to start a music school and inspire others to write and perform songs,” Cheryl explains. “I want to share my knowledge with anyone who is interested in music. To inspire, motivate and enrich their lives with music.”


This series of summer songwriting sessions is something TMI VIBE have been yearning to setup with all of you for a while now, and we’re so excited we can finally make them happen! These sessions will focus on you, your goals, and your level of skill, and will give you new tools to better your writing, your music and your confidence to chase your dreams.

Get another step ahead. Show us what you’ve got!

And don’t miss out on this chance to chat to our team of mentors!

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