TMI VIBE: Upbeat with Elvis Aljus

We’re excited.

It’s gonna be a blast. A banger. A total hit!

The Music Industry School of Music has begun a string of online workshops for you!

TMI Vibe is where you can check out how to better your craft as well as watch and speak to industry experts. Lockdown isn’t gonna stop any of us from learning and creating!

We are very proud to announce our first official TMI Vibe workshop: ‘Upbeat with Elvis Aljus’.

Upbeat with Elvis Aljus is a 6-week workshop on Afro Cuban drumming and Salsa Rhythm!

Elvis is sharing drumming and percussion techniques and lessons that took him tappin’, crashin’, and groovin’ around the globe.

Elvis Aljus

Drummer/Percussionist, Elvis Aljus has worked with some of the most accomplished artists the world has to offer.

Here are some of the incredible names Aljus has performed alongside:

– Kate Cebrano
– Killing Heidi
– Daniel Meriweather
– Cirque du Soleil
– Strictly Ballroom (theatre show)
– Bardot
– Madison Avenue
– Vince Jones
– Rene Gayer

The list goes on, with band supports for P!nk, Kylie Minogue, James Brown, and plenty more.

So… What does it take to kick it with the big guns? We asked Elvis!


TMI: When it comes to making people dance, what does it take?

EA: If you can feel your own heartbeat and move to the groove/rhythm then the people will join you in the dance.

TMI: What is the difference between the drummer and percussionist roles in a band?

EA: Essentially a drummer is a percussionist. In an orchestra the percussionist plays everything including drums. Drums were evolved from traditional percussion instruments.  The drummer usually lays down the beat and the percussionist plays in between the beats to create something very special. A hand percussionist can change the whole beat by adding do it. Because of the nature of the drum kit, it’s broken down into many percussion instruments – snare, bass drum, hi-hat, toms. It’s basically percussion instruments played all at once using all your limbs.

TMI: How important do you think it is to understand the fundamentals of a wide variety of musical genres?

EA: I think it’s very important to understand a wide variety of genres to be able to appreciate them and recognise different rhythms and sounds. Genres influence people to come up with mixed creations. Using elements of different genres makes the song interesting.  Gotye used a guitar sample for his song ‘Somebody that I used to know’. This sample was from an old Brazilian musician. You can hear the cultural aspect of this, and without it the song would be different. Even though it was a melodic instrument, it’s the rhythm I’m referring to that also makes it interesting, ultimately.

TMI: What can we expect to take away from your Vibe workshop?

EA: A sense of achievement, connection with others, a better understanding of how rhythm works, and a smile on your face.

TMI: Is it necessary to be a drummer to benefit from your Vibe workshop?

EA: It is not necessary to be a drummer. As long as you have a heartbeat then you have what it takes. It’s not only about learning rhythm, but also about connection with people in the group through rhythm.

This October 7th begins a 6-week Afro Cuban drumming and Salsa Rhythm workshop, that everyone is keen to be a part of!

He’s played around the world, and now, he’s heading to The Music Industry to share his secrets!

Step to it, and grab your seat now!


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