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Cheryl Beattie – Managing Director

Cheryl spent 10 years in New York and London singing and writing songs with some of the best in the business, including Steinberg and Kelly who wrote songs for Whitney and Madonna. While in New York Cheryl was managed by Whitney Houston’s manager, Gene Harvey and was signed by BMG Records.

In London Cheryl’s manager was John Wadlow, Seal’s former manager. It was here she had the pleasure of working with Seal’s guitarist Mark Summerlin and even recorded an album with Sting’s band. After being signed by Warner Bros Cheryl’s song ‘Fly’, originally written as a ballad, went number 1 in the dance clubs around London.

With this whirlwind experience behind her Cheryl moved back to Australia and set up home on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.

“It’s always been my dream to start a music school and inspire others to write and perform songs,” tells Cheryl.

The Music Industry is very different to most music schools with so many opportunities for our students to grow as individuals as they perform live with other musicians to develop their skills, build confidence and even record their own songs in our recording studio.

“I want to share my knowledge with anyone who is interested in music, to inspire, motivate and enrich your life with music.”

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Lachlan James – Teaches Guitar

Lachlan James (Guitar)

A professional guitarist, currently involved in writing, arranging and performing a large variety of music. I teach people of any age and musical ability the guitar, whether they want to be the next Eddie van Halen or just strum along to songs in their bedroom.

Through deep understanding of technique, theory and musicality, in a range of styles from metal to jazz, Lachlin delivers to every student the tools they need to develop their own unique musical voice.

With the ability to help students through some of the more difficult stages of their musical journey, having completed VCE Music and a Bachelor of Music Lachlan has also coached students through these challenging times, to excellent results.

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Jess Faulkner – Audition Techniques/Music Theatre

Jess Faulkner – Theatre – Auditions.

Jess is 18 years old and is thrilled to be able to help share her auditioning techniques and love for music theatre with others. 

Jess has always had a passion for the arts with most of her previous experience being in musical theatre. Some of her favourite experiences in musicals are getting to play Annie in Annie The Musical, Dorothy in The Wizard Of Oz and Patty in Grease with Panorama Theatre Company Mollie in 13 A New Musical with CEF, Little Red in Into The Woods with Astral Theatre Company, Ariel in The Little Mermaid with Peoples Playhouse and ensemble  with Plos Musical Theatre Company. Jess also guest starred in MUSTANGS FC in season 1&2 as Madison which was her introduction to screen and now has two upcoming TV series in 2019 including the guest role of Lexi in The InBESTigators and the lead role of Belle  in the 3rd and final season of Glitch. 

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Tayah Paris – Teaches Vocals For Juniors

From a little girl, Tayah has had a passion for singing and writing. Currently Tayah is focusing not only on singing, but her song writing strengths. She has written several songs, and given many performances. Tayah was lucky enough to have one her or songs ‘In Your Arms’ used in a tv show called The Travel Counseller’ .  Tayah constantly sets herself goals, with her current one being, to Record her originals with then intention to be played on the radio.

Tayah has been able to share her enjoyment and knowledge of music, by mentoring young singers, for over 12 months now. She excels in developing beginners to their full potential. Tayah teaches to the students own individuality, including basic music theory, which is an important aspect of learning music.  Tayah is a fantastic role model, as she carries herself professionally & hopes her enthusiasm for music be passed onto her students.

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Hannah Milner – Teaches Vocals For Juniors

Hannah has been singing since she was 6 years old and has always had a great love for Music. With nearly 10 years of classical training, she loves to Sing everything from Musical Theatre to Pop. 

In the last year Hannah has up to now been under the wing of one of the Peninsulas most experienced vocal coaches. This has enabled her  to be involved in mentoring and working with a number of our younger students.

Hannah is now ready to pass her knowledge onto the young beginners that wish to become a part of our music culture. For further enquiries please click on the link below.

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Beck Teaches Drums

Beck promotes the reading and understanding of music notation but also understands there is more to being a drummer than reading dots on a page. She works with students to create beats, patterns, fills, songs and to play by ear. She is more than happy to teach different styles and genres of music, as drumming can be so diverse.  Beck highly recommends that drummers (and all musicians) can benefit from playing with other musicians, whether it be in drum corps or groups, rock bands and ensembles or tapping away with their siblings or friends.

Outside of her love for drumming, Beck is a keen artist, builder and craftsperson. Beck looks forward to meeting some new drummers and extending their gifts. At the end of the day, there’s nothing better than having a bash on the drums. And let’s face it, drums are just cool.

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Ruby Teaches Piano

Ruby’s passion for music began when she started learning piano at the age of 6 and commenced her flute lessons shortly after. Throughout Primary and High School she was very involved in school bands, orchestras and performances in and outside of school. Ruby loves and appreciates all genres of music but has a keen interest in classical music. For the past 5 years she has been volunteering at the Mornington Peninsula Primary School Music Camp. She is currently undertaking Certificate Teacher of Music Australia (CTMusA). Ruby has completed various exams with the Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) and is happy to help her students to do the same if desired. In lessons importance is placed on teaching students the valuable skill of reading music and learning about music theory. Each lesson is tailored to each student’s individual needs, and focuses on enjoying and getting the most out of the lesson.

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Steven Davidson – Teaches Bass

Rosebud based Musician and Instrumental Music Teacher Steven Davidson is conversant in many styles of music including Rock, Blues, Jazz, Swing and Latin to name a few.

If you are looking to learn how to play bass then Steven is who you are looking for whether your preferred style is “slap, pick or fingers”. Steven can also teach you how to sight read with the bass too.

Steven; like many of the teachers here at the industry is a working musician and is up to date with current trends.

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Hannah Blackburn – Teaches Guitar

Hannah has been learning guitar since she was young and for the past 4 years has been studying classical guitar. This apprenticeship has ensured a thorough training in musicality and music theory. Hannah also loves to play jazz, blues and pop with her friends and sister. Hannah enjoys teaching and encouraging students of all ages and musical ability to reach their own personal goals.

Hannah is passionate about all avenues of artistic expression, from fine art to gaming. She believes that great music development, comes from a balance of practice and creativity. Theoretical music knowledge is expressed in lessons through playing and explanation, making it easier and more engaging for students to understand and learn.

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Jane Suffield – Teaches Saxophone and Clarinet.

Jane started her musical journey in Grade 4 with recorder. The music bug bit hard and in high school she found clarinet, fell in love with its woody sound and flexible tone and embarked on her journey with wind instruments. Her school participated in the School Spectaculars and she played in the Sydney Opera House with a clarinet trio.

She studied clarinet at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and played in the Sydney Youth Orchestra for several years then branched out into teaching.

She taught for seven years at the Riverina Conservatorium, Wagga Wagga and on moving to the Mornington Peninsula, broadened her teaching, including saxophone and flute. 

In the past eighteen years she has taught in many schools on the Peninsula and loves the interaction with students. 

“Working with young kids inspires me every day”, she says. “To take an absolute beginner and help them master their instrument gives me real satisfaction and reward. It is a wonderful journey.”

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Jennifer Brown – Teaches Flute and Piccolo

A graduate from the Royal Academy Of Music under the tuition of acclaimed Flautist; Karen Jones and Piccolo player; Pat Morris. It is here Jennifer has given many chamber music, orchestral and solo recitals including “A Night At The Chinese Opera by Judith Weir.

Jennifer is a dedicated teacher and has taught all over London U.K. She has recently moved to Melbourne where she continues to teach and focus her attention on her playing career.

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Max Rowe – Teaches Vocals & Piano

Coming from a jazz background, Max has been playing professionally for the last five years entertaining audiences with his 25 piece jazz band and also as part of a rock band and a funk band.
Although a keen guitar and bass player Max prefers to tinkle the ivories on the piano as he sings and performs to audiences across Melbourne.

His love of musical theatre and the stage has led him to performing in many musical theatre shows both in Australia and internationally. His leading role as Macbeth in ‘Macbeth The Rock Opera’ took him all over Europe and the UK.

As happy as he is to be on stage, Max also enjoys behind the scenes activities such as directing, writing and arranging his own music and computer production.

As his career in the music industry flourishes Max is keen to pursue his dreams of writing and recording his own music with his current band and become a successful singer/songwriter.

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Peter Cordeux – Teaches Vocals

The Music Industry School Of Music welcomes award winning vocalist Peter Cordeux. Peter was trained at the Dame Nellie Melba Conservatorium of music.
He has been teaching singing for 32 years and has been instrumental in developing the successful careers
of many singers in the music industry,including his own son Darren Cordeux; lead singer/songwriter for Kisschasy; one of Australia’s most successful bands. Having also managed artists and bands as well , he has a wealth of knowledge to help guide his students on the right track toward a career in the music industry.

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Tahnaya Wynne – Teaches Violin and Cello

Tahnaya has been playing the violin since she was 7 and performing solo and in many different groups for over 10 years. She plays at many restaurants, weddings, and functions all around Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. Tahnaya has been teaching privately and at many primary schools for the past 7 years. She has studied with the Melbourne Chamber Orchestra, performed regularly as a soloist and in small groups (duets, trios, quartets), and is a member of the Frankston Symphony Orchestra and Peninsula Chamber Orchestra.

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Learn About Recording and Production

This is an indepth insight into the complexities of modern recording using Digital Audio Workstations (D.A.W.S) Here at “The Industry” we run Logic Pro X,  Presonus Studio One 3/4, Garageband, Ableton Live 10 and Reaper. If you already have a home studio or are just starting out we can show you how to record correctly and the reasons why, how to prepare for mixdown and through to mastering.

Have you wondered why your home mixes sound bass heavy or light? Why your mix sounds so thin? There is a good reason for this and it’s an easy fix.

This is not a one on one course and the group is capped at five (5) members.

For an obligation free insight contact us on the tab below.

Limited numbers.

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