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The Studio By The Beach

When choosing a studio, the most important factor is the person running the session. Artists need guidance, support and respect from someone who can handle all aspects of expert studio knowledge, so that the performers can focus on bringing their songs to life through musicianship and creativity. At TMI our experience and knowledge will ensure your sessions run efficiently and smoothly, and strike that all important balance of personal and professional experience with a creative and technical approach – this allows you as an artist to realise your vision, and for the songs to really shine.

From solo artists, bands of every genre and style, to a medium size orchestra – we’re equipped to record all manner of ensembles, and can tailor a package for everything from a quick demo to a release-ready album. TMI Studio services include: digital multitrack recording, audio editing, quantizing, triggering and samples, MIDI sequencing, recording full bands live or overdubbing players one at a time. With a flexible approach, we welcome bookings to suit the size and budget of your project – from just tracking drums, to handling every aspect of production.

In addition to mixing recordings tracked at TMI Studios, we can mix sessions captured in your home or another studio – we have the expert knowledge and professional facilities to bring your recordings up to a release and broadcast ready standard, and help you to get the best out of your tracks.

Online Mixing and Mastering


Welcome to TMI Studios – We offer Professional Online Mixing and Mastering services for your music whether you’ve recorded in a home studio or professional studio, whether you’re a beginner or seasoned professional. Our services cater to all artists, producers and A&R across the board. Our Mixing and Mastering packages include everything you need in order for your music to reach its full potential. We cut no corners and stick with you until you’re satisfied. We offer a Money-Back Guarantee for all First-Time Buyers, so you can try us out risk free! Our staff are responsive, helpful, friendly, and we’re here to make you sound amazing. Take a look around our website and check out what we offer! Feel free to contact us with any questions

TMI Studios is a professional digital recording facility here in the wonderful Mornington Peninsula. It fully caters for larger bands/projects as we have a large “live” room to accommodate plus  a separate VOX BOX to capture that vocal take and make your project a masterpiece. The studio here at “The Industry” has an acoustically treated control room, lots of gadgets and top end microphones.  Studio Rates can be negotiated depending on the size of the project. Package deals are available. Please request info.

If you are a home studio owner but just can’t get the mix right; “Bring It In” and we can mix it here in our control room. If you need a bit of help getting your “set up” at home a bit better, we can help there too. It’s amazing just what a fresh set of ears can do.

We cater for remote mixing/mastering; you send us your files and we’ll mix them.

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We have a vast range of instruments including 2 x Acoustic drum sets, One electronic kit, electric/acoustic guitars, top quality acoustic upright piano (Sounds beautiful), bass guitars; fretted and fretless. Top end microphones to enhance those dulcet tones, some brass and woodwind. Sorry, all guitars are right handed.

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Equipment List

Apple Macintosh

D.A.W’s include:- Logic Pro X

Presonus Studio One 5 Pro

Reaper 64

FL Studio

Samsung 36” (91.5cm) anti glare Visual Monitor

2 x Adam F7 Powered Monitors

2 x AVE Powered Monitors

1 x Presonus 10” Sub

Warwick Amplification Rack Mounted bass Amp

Focusrite 18i20 I/O Interface

Sure, Rode, AKG, Tstar, Sennheiser, Ev Microphones

Behringer 500w PA with 2 x JBL Speakers

Instrument List

1 x Pearl Export Drum Set

1 x Tama Acoustic Set

1 x Mapex Drum Set

1 x Yamaha Electric Drum Set

1 x Behringer Electronic Drum Set

1 x Squire Strat Lead Guitar (Vintage)

1 x Epiphone Acoustic Guitar

1 x Samick Semi Acoustic Guitar

1 x Musicman Stingray Bass Guitar

1 x Aria Pro II RSB Dx Bass Guitar

1 x WAL Fretless Bass

1 x Roland Cube 40 XL Guitar Amp

1 x Peavy TKO 80 Bass Combo Amp

1 X Fontaine Flute

1 x French Buffet Crampon Wood BbClarinet

1 x Evette Buffet Crampon Ebonised Bb Clarinet