5 Tips to Keeping Your Voice Healthy in Lockdown


Don’t let your voice get locked down with the rest of you!

The last thing you want is for isolation to undo any vocal progress you’ve been making. Whether you’re a pro, a beginner, or someone using this time to get back into your music. It’s important to focus your energy on making your space and yourself feel good.

So, here are a few tips for a healthy voice, and a happy soul!


1. Find Time

How many times have you lost track of your day? Or completely forgotten you set a goal at all?

And then you feel like you’ve lost so much time… Or you’ve failed.

Let’s make it easier.

Spend a few minutes looking at your calendar. Got any blank spots? Can you open some up? Replace some Netflix-time? Get up earlier? (Be reasonable. What is sustainable for you?).

If you can’t find the same time every day, block-out the best daily vocal times and stick to them.

You’re trying to be disciplined here, but remember to be patient with yourself. If you miss a day, get back to it the next.

2. Ask ‘why?’

Music shouldn’t feel like a chore.

There’s a reason you found your voice in the first place. Think back.

Why do you sing?

If you ask and understand your ‘why’ you won’t have so much trouble working hard to hit the high notes. You’ll start to enjoy the process, no matter the outcome.


3. Keep Warm

WARNING: Stretching and using cold muscles can do some real damage!

Imagine you’ve walked into the gym and immediately hit the weights. Your body is tight, and you haven’t warmed up.

Ouch. Right? (I mean, ouch anyway, but more ouch!).

Vocal cords are muscles too, and need to be warmed up before we sing. Make sure you have vocal exercises to do daily, and keep those cords warm and toasty in this winter chill.

If you’re looking for some extra tips and tricks on looking after your vocal cords, check out this video with our Founder Cheryl Beattie. 

4. Set Vocal Goals (And Be Reasonable)

I’m certain you’ve got beautifully grand goals set in place already! And these, you should keep.

A helpful way to reach these BIG goals, is to break them down into smaller stages.

Write out some short-term goals – what songs do you want to work on during lockdown? Can you complete one a week? How can you make sure you have really nailed the vocal on each song?

Stepping out HOW you’re going to reach your long-term, big goals, is the best way to actually reach them.


5. Fill Up Your Soul!

Don’t forget what it is about singing that so tenderly roped you in.

It’s energising. It’s addictive. It makes your soul fly!

Sing as much as you can. You may drive your family crazy, but your voice will be in GREAT shape!

Don’t forget, singing is for you. It’s there to lift you up when you’re down, and inspire your self-expression. The magic is, no one can take this away from you. It’s allllllll yours.

Somedays it feels like lockdown will never, ever, ever, ever end. But we can really gain some momentum here!

Use this time to really hone your vocal ability. Ready yourself, feel confident in your new skills, and brave the lockdown, only to resurface with guns blazing!

Learning to move and glide from the inside out is a challenge you won’t regret taking.

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